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Accounting in our DNA

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Shared Service Center

Shared Service Center

We are a Shared Service Center organization. SSCs are business services centers conducting specialist service of selected operational processes (finance, accounting, IT or HR) for the parent organization. METRO SERVICES operates as part of the METRO capital group by conducting finance and accounting processes for companies within the organization.

Interesting facts

4 billion zł

The value of the SSC /BPO market in Poland is currently estimated at almost 4 billion zlotys.

35 years of age

75% of those employed in this industry are persons aged up to 35 years

40 languages

Services in SSC/BPO centres in Poland are provided in as many as 40 languages!

1000 employees

In the near future, business services centres in Szczecin are planning to employ about 1,000 new employees!


METRO is one of global leaders in retail trade, operating in Europe and Asia. The METRO consolidates strong, independent and recognizable brands: METRO/MAKRO Cash & Carry and Real.

Ciekawe fakty

25 countries

The stores of METRO are located in 25 countries of the world

170 nationalities

The employees of METRO represent as many as 170 nationalities

250 k employees

The METRO currently employs almost 250,000 employees

2200 stores

The METRO currently possesses 2,200 stores


METRO SERVICES PL is one of three shared service centers within the METRO. The other SSC is located in Pune (India). At METRO SERVICES PL we concentrate our operations on providing services for finance and accounting processes in the field of non-AP: general ledger, fixed assets, receivables, reporting. We’re a young, dynamically developing company, already employing over 240 people.

Ciekawe fakty

20 flights/month

We fly from Berlin to various destinations about 20 times a month

40 % of us

We’re polyglots – about 40% of us know at least two foreign languages

400 coffee litres

We drink over 400 litres of coffee a month

Mission & Vision

Accounting in our DNA

“Accounting in our DNA” is a unique characteristic of our employees, which enables METRO SERVICES to render the best accounting services for the METRO.

Our goal as a service organization is to add value through operational excellence. This assumption is fulfilled by the strategy of employing the best people on the market and by ensuring continuous improvement.

Our commitment is to actively contribute to the sustainable development of our customers by taking over their non-core activities and therefore allowing them to focus on their core-business to fulfill the “made to trade” promise.

We are part of METRO
Understand and meet customer expectations
Adding value through operational excellence
We are part of METRO Group
Help our customers to be more successful
Being a service organization
Employing the best people on the market
Forming the best team for our customer
We are part of METRO Group
Ensure continous improvement
Driving process standardization

Our Values


Customer Value

"The customer's perception is your reality". Kate Zabriskie

We build a partnership and long-term relations with Customers, rendering services of the highest quality and effective communication through the goal-oriented approach.



"Quality means do it right when no one is looking". Henry Ford

We are efficient and effective when it comes to goal accomplishment in order to ensure constant efficiency increase.



"Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why". Bernard Baruch

We improve processes and promote new ideas, facing our Customers’ expectations and needs.



"None of us is as smart as all of us". Kenneth H. Blanchard

We expand horizons by learning from each other in the atmosphere of solidarity and respect.



"Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom". Thomas Jefferson

We care for harmony between professional, social and economic aspects of our lives.



"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often". Winston Churchill

We present a flexible approach to working in dynamic environment. Change is inscribed in our professional life and it motivates us.


Marcin F&A Process Consultant
Jovanka Accountant
Radek Accounting Team Leader
Klaudia Accounting Team Leader

Meet the teams

Operations Back office Management Operational support

GA + Reporting

General Account and Reporting

General Accounting is the “King of the Jungle”. It manages and leads in the quagmire of accounting processes in business. It gathers interesting issues and challenges in order to feed our high levels of adrenaline. It also takes care of the company’s valuable assets, recording them to ensure that everything is in order. You like teamwork, love to think? Join us now, without a blink!

Keywords: accruals, prepayments, cost allocations, warehouse management, balance reconciliation, improvements, audit, fixed assets, balance sheet accounts, depreciation, liquidation of fixed assets, acquisition reports, reporting,

Our work in numbers:

  • 0 unsettled accounts;
  • 0 unconfirmed balances;
  • 1,000 fixed assets created;
  • 100% completed orders;
  • 10,000 posted documents.


Administration & Accounting

We love working with people, easily connecting with them. There are no issues that we couldn't solve. We are happy to welcome visitors at Metro and support our colleagues in day-to-day organizational matters. Thanks to our department, managers can relax during tax inspector visits. Our team provides reliable management information and cooperates with other departments in the company.

Keywords: circulation of information, documents, correspondence, administration, office supplies, suppliers, negotiation, travel arrangements, accounting, assignment, recording, general ledger, tax declarations, statements, Tax Office, Statistical Office, balance confirmations, bank transfers, reports, audit

Our work in numbers: 

  • Dozens of contractors;
  • Hundreds of invoices and posted documents every month;
  • Hundreds of business trips arranged;
  • Millions of ideas how to solve problems.



Finance Process Development

We enjoy concept work! We work in international teams. We know how to create projects from scratch, with minimum guidelines. We want to dig deep into the process, get to know it and improve it. In both our professional and private lives we focus on efficiency and achieving our goals!

Keywords: harmonization, process modelling and mapping, improvements, KPI, optimization, standardization, project management

Our work in numbers:   

  • Thousands of improvements;
  • Hundreds of automations;
  • Dozens of projects;
  • Zero monotony.



Operational Business Support

We have always dreamed of becoming secret agents and key users because we are flexible, efficient and fast. We delve into the secrets of systems and nothing can scare us away! Do you enjoy challenges and riddles? Join us!

Keywords: account administration, system errors, ticketing system, user support, SAP, IAT, tests, optimization, communication, tool implementation

Our work in numbers:

  • 100% issues solved;
  • Over 180 users created in more than a dozen systems;
  • More than 500 training hours;
  • Over 10,000 applications sent;
  • More than 208 hours of squash played.


No matter the weather, our training specialists are on a quest to find knowledge, digging through books and the Internet. They have no fear of soft competences, improvement of qualifications, personal development or numerous training sessions. The dragon of public presentations does not stand a chance, as they are great communicators and you learn at a glance.

Keywords: training, development, planning, teaching, efficiency, need analysis, reports, accreditation, evaluation, documentation

Our work in numbers:

  • 7 internal trainers;
  • Dozens of training programs and counting;
  • Countless new skills acquired.


People are our passion! We are creative and open-minded, and task diversity gives us a boost! The secret paths of our HR department will lead you to interesting projects on recruitment, training, career development, employer branding, employee evaluation and motivation, personnel matters and many more...

Keywords: human resources, recruitment, competences, evaluation, career paths, training activities, motivation, communication, documentation, personal files, reports, employer branding

Our work in numbers:

  • Countless projects to implement;
  • An unlimited number of ideas;
  • Numerous hours of talking to employees;
  • At least 1 integration event organized each month.


New technologies are our thing! We are here to ensure the continuous and faultless functioning of IT infrastructure for all employees. We also regularly help in dealing with systems and devices that can sometimes be malicious. We always provide assistance to our internal customers. Working with people has the same significance as the tasks in server rooms.

Keywords: infrastructure maintenance, users, support, data security, providers, systems, modern solutions

Our work in numbers:  

  • Over 140 ready-to-use workstations;
  • Nearly 450,000 pages printed by our users in the last year;
  • Constant implementation of new equipment and software solutions.




Accounts Receivable

The masters of settling bank account statements, specialists in invoicing and monitoring receivables, experts in the reconciliation of daily sales in the markets, no matter if they are located 4 kilometres or 4,514 kilometres away from our SSC. You can be from Croatia, Poland or Portugal – doesn’t matter. With us, Excel becomes your best pal!

Keywords: bank account statements, accruals, recipients, suppliers, invoicing, requests for payment, optimization, improvement, sales reports

Our work in numbers:                 

  • Our employees speak 16 languages;
  • We collaborate with 130 markets located in 6 countries;
  • Seven out of over 30 people in our team are foreigners;
  • In 2014 we submitted as many as 104 ideas to improve our tasks.



Internal Control Finance and Transfer Pricing

All the processes end with us and then... then there is only balance sheet, profit and loss account, and finally – deadline. We add in all data and stir, stir, stir until... the balance is settled. We make sure our processes have as much kick as an action flick. Gripping from the first minute of closing till the last report. Always ready. Always tracking accounting mistakes – and not one of them escapes its fate.

Keywords: internal audit, balance sheet, profit and loss account, intra-group settlements, exchange rates, IFRS

Our work in numbers:

  • 0 unsatisfied trading partners;
  • Dozens of reports processed;
  • Dundreds of settled intra-group balances;
  • Hectolitres of coffee.


We love working with documents and you can always rely on us! We are an enthusiastic, energetic team with good sense of humor that is tackling an endless amount of accounting documents. Our greatest assets are accuracy and precision!

Keywords: segregation, control, scanning, reports, confirmations, labels, archivisation, documents, invoices, correspondence

Our work in numbers:    

  • Nearly 2,000,000 scanned documents a year;
  • 5 ergonomic production scanners, scanning up to 200 pages per minute;
  • Over 30,000 letters sent – full outbound postal services for our SSC.


Back office
Operational support

What’s going on

Check out the latest updates about what's going on in METRO SERVICES PL.

Absolvent Talent Days in Poznań

This year, METRO SERVICES PL is going to attend the biggest job fair for graduates, Absolvent Talent Days in Poznań. On Tuesday, November 17th, you can talk to us at our exhibition stand in the Poznan International Fair building at Głogowska Street. Come meet us there!

Job Fair in Szczecin

On November 17th and 18th, METRO SERVICES PL participates in the academic Job Fair in Szczecin - on 17.11. at the Department of Management and Economics of Services (Cukrowa street 8) and on 18.11. at the Department of Economy and Management of the University of Szczecin (Mickiewicza street 64), organized by the Academic Careers Office. Come between 9:00 and 14:00 on a chosen day and talk to us about career opportunities!

Join us!

METRO SERVICES PL is recruiting! We are hiring dynamically, constantly developing. Check out our latest job offers and find one that matches your skills and experience.


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